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Pascual: badly hit but heavily booked

Piolo Pascual is the busiest actor lucky to be working these days when show business is at an all-time low. The actor is solidly booked for films, television, recordings, concerts domestic and overseas, and endorsements until 2007!

Last year, Piolo’s handlers were in panic when the actor got embroiled in successive career-threatening controversies from which there seemed to be no way out. The scandals involving Piolo was a PR nightmare, the despair of spin doctors.

First, there was that explosive sex video that supposedly showed the actor engaging in sex with a male partner. Although the clip — widely seen on the internet and circulated nationwide through cell phones — was later found to be bogus, it had done considerable harm to the actor’s wholesome image.

Then there was that brouhaha about alleged vote buying by Piolo’s camp at the Star Awards for Movies so he would bag the best actor award. Word about the alleged vote buying leaked before awards night but, even if Piolo was not involved in the supposed vote buying, somehow it cast suspicions on his previous best actor trophies.

But miraculously, Piolo proved to be a tough cookie. He was not vanquished as hoped for by secret detractors. If at all, the actor — a devout Christian — found a fresh start in show business, winning a whole new following that was spawned by his new underdog image.

Today, Piolo hardly has time for family and self. His work schedule is a handler’s despair. One of them says that juggling the actor’s daily schedule is an everyday challenge, not often met by success.

Recently, Piolo’s people decided to scrap a major concert that the actor was set to do at the Araneta Coliseum next month simply for lack of time. Tried as he did, the actor simply could not squeeze in enough time to prepare and rehearse for the show. Many were disappointed; Piolo is one of a very few artists who can effortlessly pack the gigantic Araneta Coliseum.

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